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How to Draw Anything Easy Step by Step❤️

How to Draw a Monkey Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

In today’s drawing tutorial we will take a look at how to draw a monkey. It’s an easy drawing tutorial, as we are breaking every step into simple shapes. By forming all the shapes gradually it will form a monkey.

Monkeys live on the tree and are more than 250 species. Monkeys have different eating habits but mostly they like nuts, fruits, and insects. They are very friendly and naughty with humans. There is a misconception that apes are monkeys, but they both have common traits with humans.

How to a Draw Monkey

Let’s begin withdrawing a cartoon monkey.

How to a Draw Monkey

Draw a Cartoon Monkey

Step 1: Firstly, we will draw top edge of the head.

Step 2: Then, complete the head outline and draw outline for the face, as shown in the image.

How to draw monkey

Step 3: On the side of head  draw ears and two bright eyes on face.

Step 4: Draw two curves for eyebrows and then draw mouth and nose.

Step 5: At the gap of head draw an arm.

Step 6: Complete its body and legs as shown in the image.


Step 7: Draw cute tail and second arm.

Step 8: Draw a mini rocket at the bottom.

Step 9: Color your monkey as shown in the image.

Your naughty, playful monkey is complete.

Draw Monkey Step by Step

By having our monkey swing from a branch we can make our drawing more interesting. Draw body slightly diagonal in order to make him look in motion.

Step 1: For body and head firstly, we will draw overlapping shapes. For head draw a simple circle and a curved rectangle for chest portion. Refer image for any clearance, also draw it slightly diagonal so that it will look in motion.

Step 2: Now we have frame for body, draw shapes for the arms and the legs overlaping each other. Draw left leg projecting towards the viewer. Create illusion by drawing slightly diagonal.

Step 3: Then, draw lines for hands, fingers and the feet. At the same time, add lines for the branch that the monkey is swinging with.  Add lines for determining the locations for drawing facial features. Draw a line for ear also.

Step 4: Now overall shape of body for monkey is ready, now start to focus on few more details. Add fine definitions for fingures and toes of monkey.

Step 5: All the lines drawn up to this point, time to complete the drawing by refining the details. You can use ink, pencil aur soft graphite. Add details for the texture of branch, fur of monkey body, some shading for the leg.

How to draw monkey

Yes, your hanging monkey from the tree is ready. You can draw any position once you will be an expert in drawing shapes and postures. It’s very easy to draw for both beginners and kids, you will master it in no time. It will become easy for you to draw different positions as you will start drawing once. Monkeys are the most notorious and intelligent animals. They imitate humans easily and are full of emotions.

how to draw monkey

How to draw Monkey doodle

You can draw monkey doodles also by following the easy steps given below.

How to draw monkey

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