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How to Draw a Palm Tree Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Learning how to draw a Palm tree can help you if you are drawing a beach, scenery, a house, or any other illustration related to nature. It always depicts the beach, sandy environment. All over the habitat, there are 2600 varieties of a big or small palm tree. They are not only found near seashores but also in the plain plateau, rain forest, and desert areas. They are the source of natural beauty, food, and fiber to the world.

How to draw palm tree

It is also part of the flags of South Carolina, Florida, and Saudi Arabia which delivers its importance to human life. In many cultures, it is used as a symbol of victory, abundance, fertility, and peace. Thus learn this super easy palm tree drawing and enjoy it.

How to draw Palm Tree:

Step 1: Draw 2 long parallel lines depicting the long trunk of the tree. Draw these 2 lines parallel and closer to each other on the top and a little apart at the bottom near the base.

How to draw palm tree

Step 2: In this step start drawing the upper part, for this step draw 5 lines from the trunk in different directions. Don’t make straight lines keep them curvy as it is the base for leaves.

How to draw palm tree

Step 3: Start drawing the leaves of the tree, around the first line draw curve from tip to bottom on both sides. Then repeat the curve with the second line also. You only need to keep in mind that these curves must be of random shape and size.

How to draw palm tree

Step 4: Continue this leaf curve to the 3rd and 5th line, draw few tips pointed. 5th line overlaps trunks.

How to draw palm tree

Step 5: In this step change the angle of the leaf. Draw a single curve for these leaves and also draw some more leaf strands in between the already drawn leaves.

How to draw palm tree

Step 6: To give leafs shape draw small triangles all over the borders of the leaf. These will work as guidelines in the further drawing.

How to draw Palm Tree

Step 7: At the point where leaves are emerging draw overlapping circles depicting the palm fruit.

How to draw palm tree

Step 8: Erase all the guidelines drawn in step 6 for the leaf. Border lying outside of the triangle erase them and you will get a jagged look and darken the outlines.

How to draw palm tree

Step 9: Draw flat horizontal lines on the trunk.

How to draw palm tree

Step 10: Color the leaves of the tree with green and use brown for the trunk and fruit.


How to draw palm tree

How to draw cartoon Palm Tree for kids:

Step 1: Start your drawing with a trunk, for this draw 2 long curved lines forming a flattened triangular shape with the top open-end and curved closed end.

Step 2: Secondly, draw small curves all along the trunk, this will give the trunk a realistic look.

Step 3: On the end of the trunk draw roots with many random curvy lines.

Step 4: On the top of the trunk draw 3 circular shapes to add fruits. By drawing these fruits your trunk opening will become close.

Step 5: Lastly palm tree is incomplete about leaves, draw 2 curved lines from the fruits and form a single leaf, do the same for other leaves. Make borders of these leafs jagged. Draw 5 to 8 leaves pointed leaves on your tree.

Your palm tree drawing is complete in these easy and simple steps.

How to draw palm tree                              How to draw Palm Tree

How to draw palm tree                               How to draw palm tree                              How to draw palm tree                        How to draw Palm Tree


How to draw Palm Tree step By step

Below is a few more step-by-step guidance to draw a palm tree. Drawing these is easier as it has a simple pattern. You need a paper, pencil and start with the given tutorial.

Illustration 1:

How To Draw Palm Tree

Illustration 2:

How To Draw Palm Tree

How to draw palm tree

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