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How to Draw Anything Easy Step by Step❤️

How to Draw Bangs Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

How to Draw Bangs: Well, one thing is sure you are an artist and likes to draw challenging sketches and drawing and that is why you are here to know how to draw bangs. To be very honest, it is very easy to draw bangs if you are willing to learn and ready to practice more often. We are very sure that you’d be able to draw them on your own if you follow these simple steps that we guide you with.

How to Draw Bangs Step By Step

Bangs are nothing but a special hairstyle that majorly inclines towards women/girls. In today’s time, you will find this hairstyle quite often in cartoons and western hairstyle catalogues. 

How to Draw Bangs

Let us begin to draw bangs tutorial for you without wasting much time. Just follow the steps and get on board:

  • The very first thing is whether you have all the necessary resources that will help you learn easily. Pencils, eraser, sharpener and some paper. As we said earlier too, the more you practice the more you learn. 

How to Draw Bangs

  • Let’s begin with the basic requirement and which is to draw a shape where bangs will be drawn later wards. The face. You can give any shape to the face but my favourite lies in an oval shape. So, draw a face by drawing two ovals as shown in the image. 

  • Now to give more sense to our drawing, let us not forget to make a few facial features to our oval-shaped face. Draw eyes, nose, lips or mouth, eyebrows, eyelashes (if you can) and observe if more corrections can be made. 
  • Now is the time to begin with straight bangs. But remember that it is in your hands to decide the starting point of your sketch from where the fringes or bangs will begin. Below we have given a few points from which you can avoid the drawing and the points that are well suited to start from. 
  • As we all know that hair naturally falls downwards only. So, you can start drawing hair streaks falling in a downward direction. We will be drawing the basic outlines with the help of pencil strokes so that can be erased later if required. 
  • Looking at the flow of the head shape, start drawing some basic lines towards slightly left and right-side direction as shown in the image. 
  • Now towards the end, you can connect the short fringes/ bangs to give them more lively looks and to make them look even more beautiful. 

  • Another kind of bang is blunt bangs. Blunt bangs can be drawn by drawing longer strands across the sides of the face and similarly you can draw shorter bangs as we did in straight bangs. 
  • The main difference that one can observe in different types of bangs lies or can be seen from the starting point of bangs. If they are straight bangs, there remains a big gap between hair strands and also if the same is observed in blunt, every hair strand seems clear from the starting point. 
  • The last type of bangs is Birkin bangs, everything remains the same. When You are drawing bangs as other bangs keep in mind that inverted V-shaped bangs are to be drawn as shown in images. 

How to Draw Bangs

The only suggestion is that keep a good observation and check out the differences between different shapes in the drawings to differentiate different types of bangs or fringes. Rest, we hope that you found this article very convenient and useful for such types of tutorials. 

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