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How to Draw Female Hair Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Every human wants hair on their head thus, today we will learn how to draw female hair for kids and beginners. Every human on the planet earth is fond of hair either men or women.

People love to change it from curly to straight, short to long as well different styles as bun, pony, braid etc. It needs lot of time as well as money to care them and maintain them. Hair effects facial look very much.

hairs Drawing step by step

Thus, if you love your hair definitely you will love to draw it. Each style of hair has a different technique to draw and needs concentration while drawing.

Female hairs Drawing

How to Draw Female Hair

This hair drawing tutorial will also help you in drawing a full face as it’s part of the face and defines the look. It’s quite easy than other facial parts and by following this tutorial it will be easier.

In today’s tutorial, we will draw female straight and curly hair drawing. Thus, let us not waste our time and start our Hair drawing.

How to draw female Hair

Draw Straight Hair 

Step 1: Firstly draw an outline of the head. And then, draw the outline for the haircut, refer to below image.

How to draw hair

Step 2: Draw partition for hair.


Step 3: Draw stroke from the partition, covering the face.

Step 4: Now, start drawing elevated hair covering the gap in the scalp. Draw a few long strands without touching ends of each other.



Step 5: Sharpen the tip of hair stands drawn. So that it will look realistic and straight.


Step 6: On top of the head give the finishing to the strands.


Step 7: Fill all the head with fine lines following the strand and scalp line.



hairs Drawing

Step 8: By adding some more finishing to the hair stand and shades will make it more realistic.


Thus, your straight hair drawing is completed here.

Draw Wavy Hair Step by Step

Step 1: In the same pattern draw outline of the head and the partition.

How to draw hair

Step 2: Draw 2 s shape curves line both sides of the face.

Step 3: In this step draw elevated hair from the scalp covering the face.

Step 4: Start drawing wavy lines along the side of the strand drawn.

Step 5: Close the ends of wavy lines with similar lines forming hair locks and strands.

How to draw hair

Step 6: To give it volume draw more strands attached with long hairs.

Step 7: In this step draw curves on top of head to form hair strand alongside the scalp partition.

Step 8: Draw fine lines with easy strokes to fill the strands with hair. Keep the movement of lines in same direction for each strand.

Step 9: Define hair strands by darkening it.

Step 10: Strand on the top of the head darken them too.

hairs Drawing

Step 11: Give every strand a finishing touch and blend it.

hairs Drawing

Step 12: With help of shading add details and give smooth look.


Here our hair drawing is ready, hope you did well with yours too. It’s an easy task to perform only need to keep in mind the flow of your hair. Draw it upside down, smooth, and in strands. Hair in one strand should be in the same direction so that will give the finished look.

How to draw female Hair

How to draw female Hair


Please follow our more drawings as eyes, cat, mouse, tree, leaf, etc.

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