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How to Draw Pennywise Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

There are however enthusiasts who prefer learning as to how to draw pennywise. Pennywise is the iconic character from the horror-thriller IT movie which scared most of us due to the creepiest outlook of the character. The article ahead provides the step-by-step guide on the same to guide our enthusiasts in drawing the most accurate representation of this character. All the beginners and advanced artists here can take a look at the article, to begin with, their drawing of this character.

How to Draw Pennywise

How to Draw Pennywise?

If you are struggling to begin with the drawing of Pennywise then we are aware of your dilemma. We understand that this character is quite new in itself and requires some practice to be drawn. Considering the same factor we are here providing our step-by-step guide to assist all our enthusiasts so that they can easily draw the perfect portrait of this iconic and super creepy character.

How to Draw pennywise Face

Step – 1

  • We will begin drawing the character on the slanted framework or layout as it will help in adding the due creepiness to it.
  • Draw a full head size circle and then begin with the facial structure of the character.
  • Keep in mind that pennywise has a long facial so you need to draw it in a similar manner.
  • Sketch out the raw facial structure with the marker to give it a permanent shape.

Step – 2

  • Here you will begin drawing the extensive facial features of the character in a more detailed manner.
  • The character has a creepy and staring outlook so you need to create him in the alike manner.
  • Pennywise has the dark lining of the eyes that look bold and thick in the proper appearance.
  • Next, create the eyelids with the help of a crease and then gives it the proper look up to the temple area.

Step – 3

  • Now come to the forehead which is a significant part of the character’s personality.
  • You can also connect the bridge of the nose to the forehead of the character.
  • Next comes the nose which is more like a typical clown noise that is not completely round.
  • The nose has the typical nostrils that you can see in the actual nose and with the typical clowns.

Step – 4

  • Here begin by giving the frown to the forehead of the clown and then go down across the nose.
  • Create the overall outline for the face of the character.
  • The character has wrinkles around the lips that you closely need to see and draw.
  • Next, come to creating the top line of the gum and draw the upper and lower lines of sharp teeth that suit the character.
  • You can next fill in the colors for the mouth of the character and then create the lip line as well.

Step – 5

  • Here in this part, we will focus upon the scary hair strand of the character.
  • It begins from the side of the neck to the right and left sides simultaneously.
  • Remember that the character has the hair only on the sides instead of the center.
  • Next color in the hair to make it appear suitable and realistic for the character.
  • Notice that there is also the ruffed collar around the neck of pennywise that you need to create.
  • At last, simply erase all the unnecessary lines and render the ultimate finishing to the character.

Pennywise Drawing

So, this is how one can draw the ultimate creepy character of the pennywise from very scratch. We hope that our guide will assist all the aspiring artists who have the utmost fascination for this character. They can also share this guide with other individuals as well with the same fascination.

how to draw pennywise Face

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