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How to Draw Anything Easy Step by Step❤️

How to Draw Cool Emoji Step By Step – for Kids & Beginners

Welcome, today we will learn how to draw cool emoji step by step for kids and beginners. After all, emojis are a medium to communicate these days. Emoji with sunglasses on a smiling face is cool emoji. In addition, I’m coding steps to draw cool emojis.

How to Draw Cool Emoji

Likewise, carefreeness, chill, easygoingness, snarkiness cool emojis are used by people, and for instance, like appreciation, approval, sentiments of ok, etc again cool emojis are used.

How to draw cool emoji


For drawing cool emoji you need:

  • pencil
  • scale
  • paper
  • marker
  • compass
  • Color
    • yellow
    • orange
    • black
    • white
    • brown

Cool Emoji Drawing Step by Step for Kids

Drawing and using emojis are always fun. therefore, for drawing a cool emoji smiley face you have to follow the below steps:

Step 1:: Draw the circle with a plus sign inside it, similarly as shown in the image below.

How To Draw cool emoji


Step 2: For the lens of glasses draw letter D with blunt edges rotated 90⁰clockwise in the same way shown in image below.


How To Draw Emoji


Step 3: Now draw the sunglasses frame in W shape below the eyes. Draw a curve inside the upper outline of the emoji and highlight it during coloring. In addition, follow the below image.


How To Draw Emoji


Step 4: To complete the outline of the frame follow the image given below.


How To Draw Emoji


Step 5: To complete the smiling mouth of the emoji draw a small curve after that draw a curve below the head. It will give a 3d effect after coloring.


How To Draw Emoji


Step 6: Then finally color the emoji according to the below image and your cool emoji ready. Moreover, you can also leave it plain, to make it easy.


How To Draw Emoji


How to Draw Cool Emoji with Laughing Face:

By following the below steps you can draw cool emoji with a laughing face:

Step 1:


How to draw cool emoji

Step 2:

How to draw cool emoji

Step 3:


How to draw cool emoji

step 4:

How to draw cool emoji

Step 5:

How to draw cool emoji

Step 6:

How to draw cool emoji

Step 7:

How to draw cool emoji

Learn how to draw a laughing cool emoji!

It’s always fun and easy to draw Emojis. For tracing, we have used a bowl, but you can also draw the circle free-hand. Also, at the end of the lesson, I added color to emoji, but to keep the lesson easier you can leave this step off.

If you and your kids had fun drawing this emoji, also check out easy drawings for more fun. In other words its appreciation for my work.

Emoji have some interesting facts as:

In the world, the Emoji language is the fastest-growing among languages. Bove all, it makes life easier.

Japan is the first to launch phone with emojis.

❤️17th July is world emoji day.

Face with a tear of joy is one of the most used emojis as it represents laughing in tears. How To Draw Emoji

Weather, traffic, technology, and time are the first emoji to be created.

How To Draw Emoji

Emojis made it easy to express your feelings to others as well as easy to use.



Thus, I hope you enjoy drawing emojis images with these easy steps. Please refer to the following links for more easy drawings:

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