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How to Draw Anything Easy Step by Step❤️

How to Draw Teapot Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

We are learning how to draw teapot for kids and beginners which are used to serve tea. There are a variety of teapots are available on the market. Many of them are only used for serving purposes while few can be used for making or heating tea.

A very typical teapot has a sieve inside it which stains leave and other ingredients from water. Tea is used in Asian countries in the majority while European countries use coffee. They are made of metal, ceramic, and clay and come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. We have given a variety of teapots for you to learn and enhance your skills.

How to draw teapot:

Step 1: In the very beginning start with the downward curve as depicted below.

Step 2: On the top of the drawn curve erase some parts and draw another curved line enclosed with the flat line. It will depict the top of the pot.

Step 3: Below the already drawn shape draw a curved line from one end to the other end. Then on both side draw 2 curves downward facing and a parallel line with the first one.

Step 4: Draw a rounded curve on both sides of the shape-forming the round body of the pot.


Step 5: On the left side of the pot erase a little space and draw a curved shape mouth for the pot. In the front of this shape draw a opening for it.



Step 6: Now it’s your turn to draw teapot handle. To draw the outer edge of the handle draw a curved line turning it into a deep curve. Then further draw a curved line inside the handle to finish it.


Step 7: On the base of the pot draw a outline on the little distance, don’t connect it. Draw a fully enclosed shape overlapping the outer line forming the base.


Step 8: On the body of the pot draw a circle as the center o the decorative flower. Around this circle draw semicircles with the flat bases as petals of the flowers.

Step 9: Draw w simple line from the center of the flower and draw 2 leaves on both sides of the stem.

Step 10: You can color the entire pot or only the flower it’s our choice.

how to draw a teapot


How to draw step by step teapot drawings:

Step 1: Draw a big round, it’s not compulsory to draw a perfect shape. This round will work as a base for the

Step 2: On the top of this round-shape draw a flat oval with a small round on it. Draw 2 long lines on the side going upward and forming the nozzle of the pot.

Step 3: In this step give the pot a finishing touch with drawing a curved line below the lid.

Step 4: Draw an oval on the tip of the nossel for the opening.

Step 5: Shade all over the pot especially near the wall side.




Draw a teapot for kids:

To draw a step by step teapot you have to follow the given illustration step by step. Grab your pencil and begin with it, it is very simple and easy to follow for you.

It is very basic drawing tutorial, teapot is firstly invented in china as they are in huge demand for green tea.











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