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How to Draw Anything Easy Step by Step❤️

How to Draw a Diamond Step by Step – For Kids & Beginners

How to draw a diamond is a tutorial for kids and beginners with easy steps. This is an easy drawing tutorial to follow and render your drawing. It is a precious gem that represents status and luxury and its shape is complicated. These are the attraction to the girls and lump of coal.

How To draw diamond

Diamonds are forms of carbon that are part of coal and graphite. Due to the high pressure carbon turns into a crystal with extraordinary beauty. It belongs to the toughest material and is used to cut many industrial goods. The diamon word comes with a Greek word that means “Unbreakable”.

How to draw a Diamond Shape

As you can see below image, a diamond is a completed shape but when you will start to draw it is not that difficult. Follow the instructions to render a diamond in easy ways. It can be easily drawn with help of a few geometrical shapes like triangles, trapezium, and straight lines. It follows a particular shape pattern which makes it complicated.


How to draw a Diamond



How to draw a Diamond step by step:

Step 1: Draw a horizontal straight line to start your drawing which will become top of it.

Step 2: Draw a long horizontal parallel line longer than the first one.

Step 3: Draw 2 slant lines on the edges and joint both parallel lines.

Step 4: Diamond sparkles which create the pattern in it, for this draw zig-zag lines in the upper part.

Step 5: Draw straight lines from the point of Zigzag lines are drawn in the last step, this will divide it into 3 triangles.

Step 6: In this step draw the opposite zigzag pattern in the upper part which will give it a more realistic look.

Step 7: Draw 2 lines in each triangle and divide them into other three, follow the image given below.

Step 8: Draw 3 straight lines from the top to the bottom point.

Step 9: On the top draw a patch using curvy lines.

How to draw a Diamond

How to draw diamond for beginners:

If you are looking for some easy steps to draw a diamond then it’s very easy. You only have to follow the given images in the above illustration. Also, another easy illustration is given below, by adding your variations of cuts, lines, colors you can give it effect and another realistic look.

How to draw a Diamond Ring:

Drawing a ring with a diamond is not a big task as you can draw it just by following the given picture illustration. For this, you only have to draw  2 parallel circles and trapeziums above it. Then finally draw a triangular shape to illustrate the diamond.

How to Draw a Diamond

How to draw 3d diamond:

The 3D structure is something that represents height, width, and depth of the object. Draw this 3d structure in just with few changes in the above-given tutorial. Draw an oval top rather than the flat top and also add additional lines to show the depth of it.



How To draw diamond

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