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How to Draw a Chandelier Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Welcome to all in the tutorial on how to draw a chandelier which is a hanging light used for decorative purposes. Chandeliers have many small and big lights depending upon their features, shape, and size.

A step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw a chandelier in a very simple and easy way is given below. We have given a different type of drawing tutorial for your help and to increase your understanding and skill of drawing it. If likes it, let follow the steps below to try it out!

How to draw a Chandelier

Step 1: Chandelier is a long hanging for which you have to start with drawing along the string with 3 circles.



Step 2: Above the first circle draw 2 upside curve. Below this draw 2 diagonal lines and then another small line lying on the middle circle. From the top of the lower circle draw 2 more lines diagonally.

Step 3: To complete the center part of the chandelier draw an oval on the top of it and on the below part draw a sleek oval in middle. Also, draw a funnel shape on the top curve.

Step 4: From the middle center portion of the chandelier draw curved lines going in an upward direction. The drawn lines should be even and equal on both sides.

Step 5: Draw flat oval shapes on the top of every strand going upward. They are again similar to strand in the number. Above these draw small circles.


Step 6: Draw pair of lines in between the drawn ovals and circles depicting the candles. On the top of these draw flames using curved line or a tear drop shape.

Step 7: On the very top of this chandelier draw series of small ovals and curves forming chain through which is is hangged.

Step 8: Give your chandelier finishing touch and erase what ever is excess.


How to draw step by step Chandelier:

Step 1: Draw a straight line in the beginning. After you are done draw 4 curved lines below this straight line which are converting into curve.


Step 2:Draw 5 quadrilaterals on the 4 curved lines. These quadrilaterals will depict the lamp. Draw 2 side lamps overlapped while the middle one overlapped with the chandelier hanger.


Step 3: On the string draw 2 more parallel lines with the middle one.

Step 4: Finish the base of the lamp with ovals. Erase the extra lines and fnish the drawing.

Step 5: Draw  chains and strings on the top of the chandelier. Double the curved line going towards the lamp.

Step 6: Shade the lamp aand string with the hatching technique.

Step by step chandelier drawing:

The chandelier is decorative lights used to hang and enhance the beauty of corners of our house, office, cafe. Drawing a chandelier can be easy to complex depending on its style and shape. We have given the 3 types of light style which you can try with your choice.


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