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How to Draw a Oval Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

This article is about how to draw a oval in an easy perfect and clean manner. The oval is a very basic shape that is used as base for many drawings. Thus, here we are with the very proper way to draw an oval.

It may be possible that you are confused between oval and circle. They are not similar to each other as many people think so, but the reality is different. The circle has a radius while the oval doesn’t. Thus you will learn today oval drawing with different methods.

How to draw Oval

Tip 1: This one is very easy, just draw a cross using verticle and horizontal lines intersecting each other from the center. Then with help of a curved line attach all the ends and your oval is ready. This technique is good as you can vary the size with the size of the cross and outlines can be erased easily.


How to draw an oval

Tip 2: This technique is very similar to the first one, start it with drawing a rectangle instead of a cross. Then draw an oval keeping the borders of the rectangle as a guideline. Only it will take extra attention while erasing the outline.

How to draw an oval

Tip 3: In this start your drawing with the circle as a reference and then convert it into an oval shape. This technique is not as effective as other techniques. The reason behind it is, in this you need to extend your novel above and below the circle with your own and it can lead you to an inappropriate oval. But as I always say, practice makes you perfect.


How to draw an Oval

How to draw an Oval using string:

This is another most used and easy way to draw oval with help of a string. Lets us discuss the technique to draw it using string.

Step 1: Draw a straight horizontal line as axis of desired length. The intersect to with a small vertical line and make a sign of Plus +.

Step 2: Then from the center of your plus sign draw an arc on both sides of the big axis and then on the small axis.

Step 3: In this step join these arcs and make a triangle using the center.

Step 4: Then pin three nails at 3 points of a triangle and tie a string in all these nails forming a triangle.

Step 5: Then using the point you have started using compass take string with pencil holding with it, and move it in a circular direction and it will make oval.


How to draw an oval

Draw Freehand Oval:

You can draw an oval with freehand, as it’s not perfect and in symmetry, but yes it is an oval. Take your pen, pencil, marker whichever you like to draw with, and a sheet of paper. Have you ever seen an egg, keeping it in mind start drawing and draw random similar shapes. Any shape which is not perfect round and has a circular form is considered an oval. Below are a few types of oval shapes you can follow.


How to draw An oval


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