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How to Draw a Coffee Cup Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

We are here with a beverage drawing tutorial on how to draw a Coffee Cup which is very famous for tea and water. It is an ancient drink which is used since the 1400s  and is popular for its caffeine content. Caffeine is a natural chemical that gives energy and keeps people awake.

Coffee is an evergreen plant that is native to Africa, in form of beans. In this tutorial, we are drawing a filled coffee cup.

How to Draw a Coffee Cup:

Step 1: before starting any drawing start its outlines. Analyze the height and with of the cup and draw a vertical line with 2 horizontal marks.

Step 2: Draw a small flat oval on the top of the line. Then draw another big oval overlapping t6he first one with the line drawn as a guideline.

Step 3: From the side of the first oval draw 2 curved line going downward. In this step draw one more oval inside the first one and form a border.


Step 4: Double the line of the big oval, and further draw one more oval at the end of both curved lines drawn in the last step. On the sidewall draw a small circle followed by an arc handle guideline.


Step 5: Draw a deep curved line on the side of the cup. Double this line with a pointed end and closed top end. double the base of the cup with a small oval.


Step 6: Draw one more line to the lower line of cup handle and give it a 3d touch. Draw one more oval to the top opening of the cup.


Step 7: Outline the overall drawing with the dark pencil and bold line. Keep in mind all the overlapping lines.


Step 8: Draw the outline for coffee and foam on the top of the cup. Shade the cup and saucer plat randomly.


How to draw an easy cup plate:

  • To draw a cup of coffee you have to start with the outlines for it. Draw a quadrilateral with rounded edges as depicted below. Draw an oval around the shape for the saucer outline.
  • Draw a downward curve on the top of the cup for the coffee outline.
  • On the side of the cup draw 2 curved lines for the handle which are enclosed at the ends.
  • Erase the overlapped causer lines from inside the cup.
  • Draw base for the plate.
  • Give final touch to the cup with shading and hatching technique.






Step by step cup of coffee drawing:

  • Start your drawing with the oval which will be opening for the cup.
  • Then draw the outer line for this oval with a curved line.
  • Once you are done draw 2 simple curved lines going downward and forming an enclosed shape with flat base.
  • On the top of the cup draw many random curved lines as coffee spunk.
  • On the left side draw double C shape lines enclosed with each other and forming handle of the cup.
  •  On the base draw saucer shape using half oval curved shape.
  • On the side of the plate draw a bean shape, some below the table.







How to draw a cup of cooffee


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