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How to Draw Anything Easy Step by Step❤️

How To Draw a Box Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Boxes are being used for several purposes thus, this tutorial is on how to draw a Box. It’s the simplest object we see in our daily but the most useful one. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials according to their usage.

Wooden boxes are used for storage of commercial or delicate goods, blastic boxes mostly used in homes for storage, paper boxes are for gift wraps, and small portable items.

Box drawing is easy as it has a geometrical shape, by using a ruler and pencil you can render it. Below we had illustrated a wooden box with a simple paper box. Just go through the article step by step you will find it easy. If you liked our box drawing lesson also visit our other easy drawings too.

How to draw a box

Lets begin to draw our portable and most used object a Box…!

How to Draw a Box

Step 1: We will start withdrawing outlines for the base, for this draw a cube with a clear and dark line. Use a ruler for better symmetry but for the future tries to practice it with freehand.

How to draw a Box


Step 2: Cube has 3 sides on the paper draw squares inside every side, keep in mind that you have to keep lines even. Distance from the edges should also be equal, refer to the below image.

How to draw a Box

Step 3: In this step draw the box more voluminously refer to the below image. Box drawing can be helpful to learn the symmetry and dimensions. It is also part of the game-related drawing as they have boxes and barrels.

How to draw a Box

Step 4: On each side of the box draw straight lines with equal space in between them. They must look even and proportionate as we are drawing wooden box. For this also you can use a ruler but my advice is the same, draw with your free hand.

How to draw a Box

Step 5: Until this step box drawing is ready but add wooden texture on it. Draw curved and uneven lines also add shadows with the hatching process.

How to draw a Box

Draw an open box:

Step 1: Draw a basic geometrical structure cuboid for the guideline. Use a ruler for this step and practice more for being skilled in without ruler drawing.

Step 2: Following the below illustrations draw other geometrical structures above the box outline, for the upper part of the box. This will depict the open box structure

Step 3: In this step use your observational skill and erase all the overlapped lines of the upper part of the box. If it comes out correctly your box is ready, follow the reference below.

 Step 4: In this step use the hatching technique to add shadows on the side of the box and the inner portion to give it depth. 

How to draw a Box How to draw a Box

How to draw a Box How to draw a Box

Draw a close box:

Step 1: Firstly draw the side of the box with a rhombus, try to draw without a ruler.

Step 2: Draw the second side surface of the box, as shown in the box.

Step 3: Draw the top with 2 simple straight lines, it will look like the cuboid 

Step 4: Draw a long line on the top of the box, and intersect it into two parts. 

Step 5: This is a cardboard box, thus color it with brown color.


How to draw a Box How to draw a Box How to draw a Box How to draw a Box How to draw a Box

Tips to improve your skill:

  • If you are a novice draw every line with help of a ruler but same time keep practicing it with freehand.
  • Always feel free to use an eraser, it will help you improve your art.
  • Start with drawing simple and light lines for the guidelines as they are meant to be erased.

How to draw a box

How to draw a box

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