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How to draw a Watermelon Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Learn how to draw a watermelon is a tutorial for kids and beginners, it is a watery fruit with dark red color and small seeds inside it. They are 91% water and are why given the name watermelon. Botanically it is a kind of berry called a pepo. They are also used to make pickles, stew, juices, etc.

It’s been cultivated for thousands of years and have a history from ancient time. Learn to draw your juicy, ripped watermelon with simple steps. Grab your paper, pencil, an eraser, and a few colors with shades of red and green.


How to draw a watermelon:

  • To begin watermelon drawing you need to start with a big circle.
  • On the top of it draw a stalk for the fruit. Draw a curved T shape from the top.
  • From the stem draw 2 wavy lines going in downward, draw them in the opposite directions.
  • Join one of these pairs with the pointed end and your watermelon’s stripe is ready.

How to draw watermelon How to draw watermelon


  • Again draw 2 short wavy lines from the stem meeting at a point.
  • Then 2 wavy lines from the opposite side of the first one.
  • As you did earlier draw a few more wavy lines in the vacant space and fill it.


How to draw watermelon How to draw watermelon


  • On the side of the drawn watermelon draw another slice of the watermelon.
  • Draw a flattened U shape or half circle with freehand.
  • On the side of it draw an extra curve line.

How to draw watermelon

  • Draw another curved line inside the half-circle with many small eye drop shapes.
  • watermelon is ready to fill it with shades of dark green, light green, red, and black color.

How to draw watermelonHow to draw watermelon



How to draw a watermelon with a pencil shading:

Step 1: Draw the outline for the watermelon, draw a horizontal flattened round shape in the center of the paper and draw a small circle on the right side of it.

How to draw watermelon

Step 2: Now we will draw the stripes we see on the watermelon. Draw zagged line on the surface of the fruit. These lines must be going outward from the small circle all over the fruit. Though there are many varieties of watermelon with and without stripe this contour makes it look real.

How to draw watermelon

Step 3: Start shading in the middle of jagged strips. Always do the shading in one direction so that it will look even.

How to draw watermelon

Step 4: Your drawing is complete by now, you can add some shadow towards the left side and below it. Do hatching in the opposite direction to the prior one.

How to draw watermelon


How to draw a Cartoon Watermelon:

  • To draw a cartoon watermelon, start with the U shape enclosed with a flat line, joining both the ends of U.
  • Then draw 2 more parallel lines to the first one.
  • Draw another line from the left of the shape and joining to the right side of the shape.

How to draw watermelon      How to draw watermelon

  • Draw a small flat teardrop in the center and large space. keep in mind to draw all the seeds in the upper direction.
  • Color the drawing, use dark green for the outer border and continue with the lighter shade moving inside the border.
  • Color the seeds with the black color.


How to draw watermelon       How to draw watermelon


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