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How to Draw Vulture Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Hello kids, learn how to draw vulture or buzzards which are raptors or birds of prey. These large birds are very similar to hawk and eagle and known for being scavengers. They eat dead carcasses as part of nature’s cleanup crew.

Vultures have strong smell capacity and eyesight which helps them to locate food easily.

If you are interested in drawing your own vulture then follow given tutorial with cartoon vulture and a realistic vulture. This step by step tutorial is given with a proper explanation and illustration. Your requirements for this tutorial is a\simple as always. Grap a paper, a pencil and you are ready to begin.

How to draw a cartoon Vulture:

Step 1: To draw a vulture’s head start with a circle which is not so perfect.

How to draw a vulture

Step 2: Draw an oval within the circle to draw eyes. Enclose another small oval outside the circle. Indicate eyelids using curved lines. Form pupil with dark spot and draw 2 curves overhead for the feather.


Step 3: In the lower-left side of the head draw a beak and erase some parts as necessary. Draw a downward curve line enclosed with another curved and forming triangular lower bill beneath it. Draw a curve for the nostril.


Step 4: Erase the bottom of the circle near the beak and draw the vulture’s long neck. Connect them with a curved line and from a closed long shape.


Step 5: Draw a frill of feathers at the base of the neck. To draw these frills use overlapping curved lines into the round shape.

Step 6: From the back of the neck extend curved lines, anther from the lower part of frill and meeting gently at a point.

Step 7: Now draw wing to your vulture using overlapping curved lines, inside the shape drawn in the last step.


Step 8: Use a curved line in the set of 2 to draw toes. Draw every toe with c shape joining the first one.

Step 9: To draw a vultures tail draw a curved line descending from its body. Connect these 2lines with a series of curved lines at the bottom.

Step 10: Once you are done with your vulture you can color it with the combination of brown and grey.

How to draw vulture for kids:

Step 1: To draw a realistic vulture start with drawing an oval and a small circle in the below center.


Step 2: Draw a S-shaped curved line joining the body and the head and forming the neck. Draw a long angled line at back for the tail.



Step 3: Draw 2 wings crossing the body from the top and going downward title tilted from the middle. Shape beak with another line joining the first outline. Add 2 guidelines for the leg below the body.


Step 4: Further mark the shape of wings with a line having 2 curves leading out of the body shape. Draw 2 lines and shape the legs.


Step 5: Add L shape line from the leg to the wings for the larger wings. Draw a round eyes and long curved toes.


Step 6: To shape the feather draw many long and curved shaped lines inside the wings. Further, pay attention to the other details also.


Step 7: Once all the guidelines are ready add dark shades and line to contour it.

Step 8: After contouring this drawing erases all the guidelines and gets a clear image of the vulture.

Disney represented them in Jungle Book, The Lion King, and Ice Age and symbolizes them as harbingers of death. They ride the wind when fly in groups and waits for the prey.




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