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How to draw a Sunset Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Hey my beautiful learners we are here with how to draw a Sunset to help you with a beautiful landscape drawing tutorial. Sun has a place of God in many traditions which pulls across the sky each day in a great celestial chariot east to west. The setting of the Sun indicates the darkness and comeback of the light in life.

In the modern era, sunset became part of many artworks and a subject of photography. In other words, it is the subject of visual presentation and attraction. It is also a representation of vacations, relaxation, landscape, etc. If you want to draw your sunset, it’s easy to do it. Just follow the given simple steps in the tutorial. You just need a paper-pencil and colors to give it brightness and vivid shades. The illustration is given with explanatory text to help you and guide you.

How to draw a Sunset

Step 1: Draw the borderline for the hill.

How to draw Sunset

Step 2: Draw another line above to that for another hill.

How to draw Sunset

Step 3: Above those 2 lines draw another zig-zag line for the third hill.

How to draw Sunset

Step 4: On the ground portion draw 2 curved lines it will depict the road.

How to draw Sunset

Step 5: Draw narrower 2 other sections of the road on the hills.

How to draw Sunset

Step 6: Draw bushes of trees on each hill, for this draw many attached curves in a row. Draw sun on the top of the hill.

How to draw Sunset

Step 7: Draw clouds above the hills in the sky.

How to draw Sunset

Step 7: Color your drawing with relevant colors and make it attractive.

How to draw Sunset


How to draw sunset step by step:

Step 1: Draw a straight line to depict the border of mountains and land.

Step 2: On the left side start drawing mountain, for this draw a curved bumped line moving left.

Step 3: Draw the mountain of another side in the similar manner you did for the first one.

Step 4: Draw a hidden sun that is setting, for this draw a circle in the way it is hidden on the horizon.

Step 5: In this step draw reflection of the setting sun in the water. To do so, just beneath the sun draw simple zig-zag curved lines in a triangular pattern.

Step 6: To give it a more attractive look draw a palm tree on the island. Draw 2 curved lines from the mountain across the sun, in the way they meet on top, and the trunk of the tree is ready.

Step 7: From the tip of the trunk draw several lines in different directions to draw leaves. Draw these lines in pairs and pointed them at the end.

Step 8: Complete all 5 leaves almost in a similar pattern.

Step 9: Draw other details of your sunset landscape. Draw wavy curved lines depicting waves of water. A few birds in the sky using 2 curved lines.

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