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How to Draw Anything Easy Step by Step❤️

How To Draw Luffy Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

How To Draw Luffy -Luffy is one of the most popular characters in all of anime and manga. He’s always up for a good time, no matter what, and his personality is infectious. If you’re looking to learn how to draw Luffy, this article is for you!

How To Draw Luffy for Kids 

If you’re looking to draw one of the most popular characters in all of manga and anime, then look no further than Luffy. Drawing Luffy is actually not that difficult, especially if you have some basic skills with drawing.

How To Draw Luffy for Kids


Luffy is a famous character in the pirate world. He is always up for a good time and loves to have fun. If you want to learn how to draw a simple Luffy, this guide will teach you how.

How To Draw Luffy Easily for Beginners Step By Step

If you want to draw one of the most famous and well-loved characters in manga history, Luffy, then this is the tutorial for you! Luffy is easy to draw and doesn’t require a lot of complicated strokes. With this simple guide, you can create a convincing drawing of Luffy in no time. Let’s get started!  

Luffy is one of the most iconic characters in manga and anime culture. He’s hard to draw quickly, but with a little practice, you can get the look you need. Here are some steps on how to draw Luffy quickly:

1. Start with a basic shape – Luffy has broad shoulders and a round head, so start by sketching out his basic shape. Don’t worry about getting all the details right at first – you can fill in the details later.

how to draw luffy step 1

2. Add light and shadow – When you finish your basic outline, add light and shadow to give your drawing depth and realism. Use darks to create shadows on Luffy’s face, arms, and legs, while shades of light help define his features.

how to draw luffy step 2

Inktober is a series of drawings created in October each year where people all over the world submit sketches and paintings of their favourite characters from different works of fiction. One character that seems to be drawing a lot of love is Straw Hat Luffy, so let’s learn to draw Luffy with your hand.

How To Draw Luffy Easily for Beginners Step By Step


Luffy is always drawn with a big smile on his face, which makes for an easy sketch. First, start with a circle for the head and use short lines to create the outline. Then add in some details like his nose and mouth. Once those are in place, start adding the colours to create his outfit. You can either use simple colours or mix them up to get a more interesting effect. Be sure to pay attention to the details on his clothes and accessories, as these will be key elements when you start drawing him realistically.

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