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How to Draw Grapes Step by Step – For Kids & Beginners

This tutorial is about a very special fruit Grapes, how to draw Grapes, which is for every kid and beginner. This fruit is native to the northern hemisphere and grows plants that are very large about 60 feet or more.

Grapes are used in different forms as fruit, raisin, and juice, and most importantly is consumed to form wine. Firstly, the juice is processed with fruit and then fermented to produce wine.

Would you like to draw grapes then follow this step-by-step tutorial given below. Once you are ready with paper, pencil, and other drawing supplies.

How to Draw Grapes

Step 1: Outline according to the height and width you want to cover for the whole grapes drawing. use simple and curved both lines as depicted below.

How to draw grapes

Step 2: Draw the stem using other parallel line which is similar to first one. Then on the lower end draw the guidline for the grapes.


How to draw grapes

Step 3: Grapes leafs are kind of triangular in shape thus also draw guidelines for them. Draw a curved line that is embedded in the middle and 2 curved lines below it meeting at a point.


How to draw grapes


Step 4: Shape the leaves using the curved lines from the sides. Also, draw a stalk of your leaves from the top center of it.


How to draw grapes

Step 5: Start drawing rounds for the grapes outline. Draw random round shapes of various sizes.


How to draw grapes

Step 6: Draw a few more grapes overlapping the already drawn grapes.


How to draw grapes

Step 7: Fill the vacant places outlined for the fruit of the grape. Add detail to the leaf, draw pointed edges and veins from the central vein to the leaf outer edge.


How to draw grapes

Step 8: The whole drawing is ready you can add some more details. Finish the stalk, shade fruit, and other plant parts.


How to draw grapes

Step 9: Varry the thickness and darkness of the fruit using the different techniques.


How to draw grapes


How to draw grapes for kids with a pencil:

  • Draw random round shapes and some with open on top.
  • Above these draw with the help of curved lines, use light lines.
  • On the one side of it draw a leaf outline.
  • Shape the leaf with pointed ends. Also, draw many rounds attached with each other.
  • Draw leaf veins and a spiral line on the top of it. Also, draw the outline inside every grape fruit so that you can vary its darkness.
  • Shade the entire drawing using the hatching technique. Darken the outer edge and lighter moving inside.


How to draw grapes How to draw grapes How to draw grapes     How to draw grapes     How to draw grapes How to draw grapes



















Step by step grape drawing:

  • Draw many overlapped many small grapes fruit shapes.
  • Then draw 4 more overlapped grapes below.
  • Fill the gap in between the top and bottom.
  • On the top of it draw a double line to draw a stalk.
  • On top of it draw a leaf, draw a curved line.
  • Then enclose it with other curved lines and joint the last one in front with the pointed end.
  • Draw leaf veins in the center and branches of it.
  • At the end of leaf draw stalk and extend it with other 2 parallel line which is perpendicular to first one.
  • Your drawing is ready by now you can color it.

How to draw grapes

In ancient times grapes are the representation of one’s wealth and luxury. Art and culture recline person eating a cluster of grapes with self or by other person was a demonstration of richness.

The above grapes drawing tutorial has cartoon grapes as well as pencil sketching of grapes. Visit our more tutorials for many other interesting drawings.

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