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How to Draw Anything Easy Step by Step❤️

How to Draw a Dream Catcher Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Learn how to draw a dream catcher which belongs to the American culture mainly with the Ojibwe people. They use to hang these as a wall hanging to catch the bad dreams and fear of any person.

It is a tradition in which parents craft the spider web inside any circular frame with many feathers hanging below it. It is a step-by-step process given below to explain to you the process of drawing it. Though in reality it is made with wood, thread, beads, feathers, and many other decorative items.

Get ready to learn how to draw a dream catcher step by step simply and easily. Use any pattern, color, or style to render your drawing.

How to draw a dream catcher for kids

Step 1: To begin your drawing draw 2 circles, one big and the second inside it. The size of circles must be big and parallel to each other with the same center.


Step 2: Once you are done with circles draw a leaf starting from the center using 2 curved lines, and keep drawing other leaves overlapping each other from the lower point.


Step 3: Once you will understand the pattern of the leaves its will be easy for you to draw, keep on drawing leaves until the whole circle is covered.


Step 4: Draw curved long strings on both sides of the circle. Draw 3 strings using double line and converting it into the pointed ends. In the center of the circle draw a small string with small 2 circles.


Step 5: At the end of the strings start drawing feathers, draw a small circle and start 2 curved line from it then joining it with other curved lines and it will form a feather.


Step 6: With the central ribbon draw the third feather, in the center of it draw its vein and the jagged end of it. From the top of this ribbon draw another ribbon with beads.


Step 7: Draw small parallel curved lines in between the space of 2 circles as depicted below.


Step 8: Draw a few dangling hoops to decorate its look, use curved lines turning into the sharp end.


Step 9: Add a few more decorations to the dreamcatcher, you can add a few more feathers with some beads to it. Also, draw small veins to the feather coming outward from the center vein.


Step 10: Once you are done with your drawing add catchy and bold colors to it. You can use combinations of red, blue, green, brown, and outline with black.

How to draw easy Dream Catcher:

  • As an outline for your drawing draw 2 adjacent circles with the same center and a small circle at the outer wall then a few more small circles with the same center.
  • Draw 2 perpendicular intersecting lines as guidelines to draw a decorative central part of it.
  • Then draw small lines and form the spiral pattern throughout the circle. Add 3 beads at the same distance to decorate it.



  • Then draw 2 curves from the center on both sides of the intersecting lines. Curves should start from the same point and meet at a point with a pointed end.
  • Then draw 2 more same leaf shape as shown below in picture 4 with the same base.


  • As we have drawn leaf petals in the last step use the same technique and draw 3 more overlapped petals from the last one drawn.
  • Keep in mind that every 2 petals are opposite to each other and in different directions.
  • Analyze picture 6 carefully and see how some more petals have been drawn. These patterns will form small enclosed shapes in the center of the drawing.



  • Don’t get confused, observe the picture clearly, you will get a pattern. Again these petals are opposite to already drawn petals.
  • Draw bunch of small circles on both sides of the outer wall of the circle and draw beads.
  • Draw a hanging hoop on the top of the catcher.


  • Decorate the lower small circle with beads and start drawing the feather’s upper part and vein as shown in picture 10.


  • On the one side of the vein start drawing curved projections from the end going toward the tip.
  • Complete the feather repeating the same step on the other side also.


  • Draw a few feathers attached with beads drawn in the last steps.
  • Draw 3 feathers in the middle and 2 feathers attached with the side beads.


  • After the completion of the basic picture, you can experiment with the decorations and overall dream catcher.
  • You can add colors to the web pattern and make it a fun activity.



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