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How to Draw a crow Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

We are learning how to draw a crow which is also known as the Raven, for the kids and beginners. Ravens are large, black, and sleek birds all most found everywhere in the world.

They are not so loved in every part of the world but at the same time, they have religious value in Hinduism culture. If you want to draw your own crow then you don’t need any special tools for this. Take a paper, pencil, black marker, these are basic writing tools.

To complete this drawing follow the given step and render your drawing. Always sketch with a light hand so that you can erase if gone wrong. An eraser-friendly artist always comes perfect with their art.

How to draw a crow:

Step 1: As we always do for every drawing, start with drawing head with help of an oval. Draw this on the left corner of your paper.


How to draw a crow

Step 2: Draw another, larger oval connected to the first oval. The second oval should slant from the first one towards the bottom right corner. It will end at the middle of the page. This is the raven’s body.


How to draw a crow


Step 3: Draw 2 slightly curved lines joining the head and body to form the neck. Sketch one line from the upper part of the oval moving forward in the corner of the paper. Start the second line from the below of oval forming a curve and then parallel to the first one, keep the end open.


How to draw a crow

Step 4: Draw a curvy line from the middle of the oval and ending at the middle of the tail line. Draw another line and connect it to the bird’s back.

Add some curved small zig-zag feathers, all curves should end with a jagged point. Draw these feathers on the neckline, end of the tail, and below a large oval.


How to draw a crow


Step 5: Erase all the overlapped lines and guidelines drawn. Remove the outline of the ovals of the head, wings, body, and stomach.

Sketch the legs, start with the curved line from the lower bottom part of the stomach. Draw the lower leg at an angeled with the top leg. Draw small jagged joints in the joint line of leg.


How to draw a crow

Step 6: Draw the foot with the wavy line below the leg. there are 4 toes in every leg with the claws. Draw the toes of the second leg also. Draw small triangular claws at the tip of every claw.

How to draw a crow

Step 7: Draw beak using 3 curves, start them from the same point bifurcating, and then joining at the end again with the jagged end. Draw the beak in a manner that it is overlapped with the head.

Connect the right side of the top and middle lines with a straight line that bends sharply at the bottom.


How to draw a crow

Step 8: Erase the straight line of the beak and you will get a clear image of the crow.

Erase the straight line of the beak and the curved line crossing the upper front leg.


How to draw a crow

Step 9: Draw a feather with the jagged line all over the body. Draw feather texture in the upper wing. Draw 5 curves on the crow’s flight feathers. Draw parallel lines on the tail.

Near to the beak draw 3 circles for eyes and shade the middle circle.


How to draw crow

Step 10: Drawing is complete, complete it by coloring it using grey and black color.



How to draw a crow


How to draw a crow for kids:

Step 1: Mark the height and width of the bird to outline the head and the body.

Step 2: Draw the bird’s neck, tail, and shape back body.

Step 3: Draw the mouth line and outline the legs of the hooded crow.

Step 4: Give beak and legs proper shape.

Step 5: Shape up the wings and tail with a jagged end. Also, draw toes at the bottom of the leg.

Step 6: Observe the drawing and pay attention to finish it with all details.

Step 7: Draw small curves all over the body for the feathers of the bird. The direction of the feather should be downward.

Step 8: Once you are done contour it and vary the thickness and darkness.



How to draw a crow

How to draw a crow

How to draw a crowHow to draw a crow


How to draw a crowHow to draw a crow


How to draw a crow How to draw a crow


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