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How to Draw a Boss Baby Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

This tutorial will help you in learning how to draw a boss baby step by step, it is especially recommended for kids and artist loves animation drawing. This is a character from the movie The Boss Baby, which is for kids and based on 2 brothers one is an infant, and other the school-going kid. This baby always wears a suit is investigating the threats which are endangering the baby’s status.

It’s a very funny and interesting movie which is very much suitable for elementary school students. So if you are thinking to draw your own baby boss we are here to help you with it. Just take out your paper, pencil and start your drawing.

How to draw a boss baby How to draw a boss baby

How to Draw a Boss baby

Step 1: Start your drawing with the head of the baby boss, firstly draw a distorted circle with the curved lines for the hair.

Step 2: Then in the second step draw eyes and tinting eyebrows. Right eyebrows are near to eyes while left is little upward.

Step 3: Then further draw an oval small nose and an arced mouth in the center and below the eyes. Draw ear for baby with an inverted c.

Step 4: Draw arms with the pointing finger on the top which is going towards the chin.

Step 5: Draw another shoulder and folded arms for the baby.

Step 6:   Once both arms are ready draw continue the dress i.e blazer of the baby below to the hand.

Step 7: Draw the left leg with shoes on the bottom. Draw legs in a manner that they are broad in above and thin below.

Step 8: Draw the 2nd leg of the baby boss which is also similar to the first one.

Step 9: Boss baby is ready, color it with the required color.


How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby

How to draw sitting boss baby:

Step 1: For drawing boss baby we will firstly mark the body height and width for the baby. Draw a large round shape little compressed from the middle portion. Below this draw another rounded triangular shape for the body and a line below it.

Step 2: Draw 2 eyes with 2 enclosed curved lines and eyebrows. Below the eyes mark the nose in the center and also mark the mouth below to it.

Step 3: Once you are done with the features draw body details. Draw baby’s suit from the shoulder going towards the hand, shape every detail of suit as the collar, buttons, and also tie. As the baby is in sitting posture thus draws its hand joining the palm with each other.

Step 4: Give your baby finishing details, darken the pupil, add lines near eyes to show tightness. Draw some hairs over the head.

Once you are done with the baby draw a round shape using a double line to depict the back of the chair.


How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby How to draw boss baby


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