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How to Draw Braid Step by Step – for Kids & Beginner

Welcome kids..! this article is about how to draw braid. Hair is termed a jewel for females and a braid is an all-time favourite hairstyle. Even after the millennials, it’s still the trend for all age groups. Braid looks complicated and tricky to do. But my friends, believe me, it is very easy to draw.

How to Draw Braid

How to draw braid

So, are you ready to learn how we can draw braid hairstyles on a piece of paper?

How to draw braid

Drawing Braid Step by Step:

How to draw braid

Step 1: As we know braid consists of three strands. Thus, start by drawing three lines as a frame. Firstly straight center, then secondly, 1 line on both sides. While drawing considers braids are thinner art end than the beginning.

How to draw braid


Step 2: First, start drawing a small semicircle whose start and end should touch the centerline. Draw it in a manner that it should not be too round or too eclipse. Then secondly, draw a parallel line with the inner one. Keep in mind that it must start a little higher than later.


Step 3: This is the secret step. At the point where the previous inner line ends start drawing an inner line of the second strand. Forming a very nice curve it will close the first strand. After reaching the centerline stop. From the straight right of the last drawn strand start the outer line of the new strand. Draw it parallel to the inner line and again finish at the center.


Step 4: By following the image given below again draw the next strand. Outer lines are always parallel, ending at the centerline.


Step 5: By drawing an outer line, close the previous strand.

Step 6: Follow the steps until the braided frame ends. You have to follow the frame drawn in the first step. In the end, draw an elastic band to hold your braid. the size of the band and the strand must have the same width.

Step 7: At the end draw the diamond shape overlapping to the braid. This will represent leftover hair from braid.


Step 8: By adding some hair to the diamond shape will make it look smoother. In every strand add fine lines following the curve of the strand. Also, to the uppermost layer add some fine lines to help blend them with the rest of the hair.

How to Draw French Braid

It only needs to master in technique further, you can draw braid of all types. The possibilities are endless! single, double, fishtail, french, etc. A good draw braid always makes look your girl drawing sexy and playful. And also it’s fun to draw.

How to draw braid


How to draw braid

How to draw braid

In this manner, by following very simple and easy steps you can draw a French braid drawing.


How to draw braid

This is not only the correct way to draw a braid. Hence, there is no wrong or right way. You can draw it on your own experiences, as I always say, experience and observation are an important skill in drawing.

There are many more easy ways to draw braid.

Easy Braid Drawing

Step 1: Draw a zig-zag line first.

Step 2: Secondly, adjoining the pointed portion of the zig-zag draw small curves.

How to draw braid

Step 3: Then, follow the second step until the end of the zig-zag.

Step 4: Darken the outlines and your braid is clear now.

Step 5: Finally, shade your braid to give it an original look.

See, How easy it is to draw a braid. By now, you must be ready to draw on your own. Keep it up, guys!..


How to draw braid                                                           

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